As a full service provider for global sourcing solutions, we understand the challenge of technical purchasing when having to source cost-efficiently and maintain high quality. And often under time pressure, too. We support you in procuring the appropriate components, assemblies and machines cost-efficiently and at the desired quality. As a partner on an equal footing, we advise and support you in this, at all process steps from concept to delivery.

Our customers thus benefit from our technical expertise and our extensive network of audited manufacturing operations, with which we realise customised solutions in a timely manner.

Our solutions

Across industry we implement components, assemblies and complete machines on the basis of your concepts. Our re-engineering optimises your drawings and concepts, checks the proposed material and achieves cost savings for you.

Find out more about our solutions here.

Our processes

Our range of methods extends from primary shaping to shaping, cutting, joining, coating, and heat treatment to the processing of plastic and electro-technical processes. Regardless of whether they process zinc, steel, aluminium or other materials, our customers are provided with full service of the highest quality.

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Our performance promise

Kostengünstige Fertigungspartner, die kluge Auswahl der verwendeten Materialien und des optimalen Verfahrens sowie technische Optimierung Ihrer Produkte – es gibt zahlreiche Ansätze, um die realen cost of ownership zu senken. Aufgrund unserer Erfahrung und unseres Netzwerks erreichen wir durchschnittlich Einsparungen von bis zu 20% für unsere Kunden:

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Since August 2023, the three companies Global Sourcing Services AG, HD sourcing solutions GmbH, and novia Handels GmbH have been operating together under the common name: novia Group.