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We see ourselves as a full service provider for the flexible, customised production of components, industrial assemblies and machines. For this, we undertake all processes for our customers, from enquiry to delivery. Strict quality controls by our internal quality team ensure consistent compliance with European standards.

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Precise down to the smallest detail

Cost-efficient realisation of components to European quality standards – we live up to this claim every day.

Our components are developed and produced to be compatible with other parts, and to be integrated seamlessly. They are “state of the art” and fulfil current European quality and safety standards. For this, we also create the top-quality tools required for manufacture. Our customers thus benefit from the cross-industry experience of our audited manufacturing partners, with more than 5,000 active components.

Our solutions


Perfectly matched

For more than 20 years we have been developing and creating mechanical and mechatronic assemblies across various industries.

Customer-specific requirements in terms of quality, safety and reliability are factored into re-engineering to the same extent as the functionality of the assemblies. They increase the functionality and reliability of the complete system and thus contribute decisively to its quality.

Here, our customers benefit from 20+ years of experience in the procurement of assemblies.

Our solutions


Durable and reliable

Cross-industry experience and knowledge from 20+ years feed into the design and realisation of machines.

Our engineers provide proactive advice in order to define jointly with our customers the exact requirements and specifications for the subsequent machine. They then develop the concept on this basis and investigate various designs and solution approaches. For this, we place the greatest emphasis on the reliability of the machines, and compliance with European safety standards.

Our solutions


Customised for your product

The better the tool, the greater the quality of the subsequent components and assemblies.

This is the reason why for 20+ years we have been developing the tool for the production of the parts, and why we implement it with our audited manufacturing partners. The result is high-quality components which can be directly further processed or installed.

True-to-scale 3D drawings

We achieve this result through the previous feasibility analysis, using 3D and 2D drawings, on the basis of which the tools are developed.

3 steps to identify

potential savings:

Describe your project. Send us drawings and all details necessary for manufacture.

(Parts list, test instructions, quantities per year and acceptance batch sizes)

Describe Your Targets Regarding Prices and Delivery Terms

(Delivery Times, Delivery Frequency/Cadence, Current Price (if possible with an invoice receipt), and/or Target Price Expectation)

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