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For our customers, we achieve the greatest benefits of collaboration as a vertically integrated partner for re-engineering, sourcing and production, quality control and logistics. Here, we take into account all customer-specific requirements in terms of performance, quality, efficiency and reliability, from enquiry to finished product.

Benefit from our know-how

Benefit now from our extensive experience of 20+ years in technical optimisation and project implementation, with engineers in Germany and Switzerland, as well as on site in Asia. Optimising your products with our “view from the outside”, we will earn you substantial savings.


Flat learning curve – rapid successes

Redesign with cross-industry experience

In re-engineering, we look at your products from various perspectives and develop new solutions.

These are reviewed in advance with the audited manufacturing partners in terms of feasibility, compliance with the required product specifications, and cost optimisation – aided by computer simulations, modelling and prototyping.


Overview of production from the start

Special focus on visible surfaces

For improved cost effectiveness, we identify and quantify all relevant cost components, such as labour input, machines and equipment, etc.

Here, particular attention is paid to the material, the surfaces visible to the end customer, and the tolerances affecting the functions of the parts. For this, we define with our customer the surfaces visible to the end customer. During manufacturing, these surfaces receive the necessary attention in terms of handling, quality control and packaging. The tolerances are defined with the customer so that the required quality is achieved with stable manufacturing processes and favourable unit prices.


How our customers benefit

Our customers’ implemented projects

We implement more than 500 projects per year for our customers, in which we achieve notable cost savings.

Case: Optimisation of de-anodising (Industry: Medical technology)

For drive casings for operating tables, certain areas must be electrically conductive in order to fulfil the regulations and standards for static discharge and grounding of medtech assemblies. The original approach had planned for the red areas to be masked using wax and plugs and for the drive casing to be anodised. The masking would then be removed laboriously by hand.
We anodise the complete drive casing and use a laser to remove the anodising from the areas marked red.
  • 500+ hours saved in personnel costs (per year)
  • Automated solution for de-anodising
  • (Manual) masking and de-masking became unnecessary

Case: Optimisation of manufacturing process (Industry: Construction industry)

The manufacturing costs were to be reduced for a powder-coated, CNC-machined pressure-cast part made of aluminium. It was essential for the customer to meet a defined target price for the part and for the new generation of the machine to become more cost-efficient than its predecessor.

The customer engineering on the drawing defines the manufacturing process as pressure casting, coating, and then milling. This involves costly manual masking of milled functional surfaces.

Using a milling jig specifically developed for the purpose, the parts are machined after powder coating, and filings are removed in such a way that the coated surface of the parts is not damaged. The laborious masking before powder coating is therefore no longer necessary. This hugely reduces the unit price.
  • 40+ % saving in the unit price

Case: Costs drop through additional upstream manufacturing process (Industry: Medical technology)

An extremely complex milled part is created exclusively by CNC-machining. This removes 10 kg of filings. This process causes very long manufacturing times of approx. 4 hours per part. The high-strength aluminium part has approx. 400 drawing dimensions, of which 80 are defined as functionally critical.

By transferring the task to the novia Group, the costs were reduced by a factor of 4. However, we see even further potential savings for the customer.

As an additional manufacturing process, we propose a drop-forged blank with tool costs that will cut down the CNC-machining time by slightly more than 2 hours overall. We design the blank so that it is milled completely. We thereby save the customer the trouble of modifying their current drawing, avoiding laborious approval and certification processes.
  • Cost saving of 30% compared with the original process
  • Break-even of the tools after the first half-batch

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Since August 2023, the three companies Global Sourcing Services AG, HD sourcing solutions GmbH, and novia Handels GmbH have been operating together under the common name: novia Group.