The benefit to you:

Everything from a single source with a clear focus on cost

As a full service provider for the flexible, customised production of industrial assemblies, machines and components, we act as an extended arm of your purchasing department. From the enquiry to global procurement to an optimised supply chain, we undertake all processes and take on all cultural hurdles for you. For this, we place maximum emphasis on cost effectiveness through well founded cost-down engineering and optimisation of the whole supply chain, while – at the same time – ensuring European quality standards through efficient project management.

Our performance promise

The intelligent selection of the materials used and of the optimum process as well as the technical optimisation of your products – there are numerous approaches to reducing the actual cost of ownership. Through our experience and our network we achieve numerous benefits for our customers:

Why choose novia Group:

A strong group

We bundle our expertise for your success

Even stronger together: The merger of the companies novia Handels GmbH, Global Sourcing Services AG and HD sourcing solutions GmbH into the novia Group is now allowing us to support our customers better than ever.

Three companies who work based on the same values and principles, but who complement each other perfectly in terms of manufacturing processes, industries and the global network – that is the novia Group. Born from the merger of the three companies novia Handels GmbH, Global Sourcing Services AG and HD sourcing solutions GmbH, we bundle our expertise for you in re-engineering, in compliance with European (industry) standards, and for the purpose of cost optimisation through global sourcing.

Why choose novia Group:

Cost effectiveness

Make cuts in procurement cost, not quality.

Purchasing departments currently face immense challenges. The demands are:

  • Rapid reduction of the cost base through reduction of manufacturing and personnel costs
  • Reduction of the “break-even” point: Variabilisation of fixed costs; transfer of some sections of production and of the supplier base to low-cost countries in Asia and Central or Eastern Europe
  • Optimisation of current assets


As a partner of your purchasing department, we can help you with this: By easing the load of your purchasing department, we free up capacities for your strategic purchasing activities. For customers with insufficient internal resources, experience or knowledge, we ensure professional purchasing. In addition, we develop additional savings potential outside the “core business” of your purchasing department.

Why choose novia Group:


European quality made in Asia.

Quality assurance is one of the strategic priorities of the novia Group. That is why we support all processes with quality assurance measures, from product concept to delivery.

For this, we develop and implement product-specific test rigs, test equipment, test plans, etc. To fulfil our customers’ quality requirements, we are certified to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485.

We ensure consistent compliance with our strict quality criteria through our own on-site quality control to European standards. The responsibility for this lies with our own internal quality team, consisting of more than 20 trained and qualified employees, as well as the quality teams at our manufacturing partners, whom we have trained ourselves.

Why choose novia Group:

Technical optimisation

Partner from the outset

We achieve the greatest benefits for our customers when we are included early on in the product development process. But, even for existing proposals, we can achieve more for you through technical optimisation.

Here, our customers benefit from over 20 years of experience in technical optimisation and project implementation, over 5,000 active components, and over 1,000 assemblies, as well as over 50 manufacturing processes and the experience of our engineers in Germany and Switzerland.

Extended purchasing department

Together with the external perspective which we provide as an outsourcing partner and external purchasing department, and our expertise in knowledge transfer across industries, we also find the best solutions in terms of costs, quality and reliability of delivery.

Why choose novia Group:


Our knowledge – your benefit

The unique combination of specialist knowledge, industry know-how and our global partner network makes us the ideal partner for companies who want to source at world market prices with minimum effort and risk, and without compromising on quality.

Engineering and production

We (re)design your proposals and products as per your requirements in terms of functionality, price, quality and other specifications.

Cross-industry experience

For over 20 years, we have been implementing projects for the lighting industry and for companies in medical technology and the sanitary industry, as well as in numerous other sectors. We transfer our experiences and knowledge to other business areas, and thus achieve optimum solutions.


More than 50 manufacturing processes – from anodising to 3D printing for plastic parts – are available to us, thanks to our network of audited manufacturing partners. They all undergo extremely strict quality inspections throughout all process steps.

3 steps to identify

potential savings:

Describe your project. Send us drawings and all details necessary for manufacture.

(Parts list, test instructions, quantities per year and acceptance batch sizes)

Describe Your Targets Regarding Prices and Delivery Terms

(Delivery Times, Delivery Frequency/Cadence, Current Price (if possible with an invoice receipt), and/or Target Price Expectation)

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Since August 2023, the three companies Global Sourcing Services AG, HD sourcing solutions GmbH, and novia Handels GmbH have been operating together under the common name: novia Group.