Basis of components and assemblies

The quality of our parts is highly dependent on the quality of our tools. That is why, for all products supplied by our audited manufacturing partners for pressure and injection castings as well as other manufacturing processes, we rely on tools which we develop and manufacture to current standards and customer specifications and design instructions. Because of the high quality standards, we use these tools to machine precise components which can be directly further processed or installed.

Perfect tools for perfect components

Every tool is tuned with ultimate precision – both to the components to be manufactured and to the machining process. To this end, the process begins with the item release data being subjected to a detailed feasibility analysis and the tool being designed for the best possible manufacturability. We monitor the tool quality throughout in an effort to ensure that the process produces the required parts quality and process reliability.

Cost effectiveness thanks to audited manufacturing partners

When it comes to the development and manufacture of the tools, our customers benefit from the lower prices in Asia – and simultaneously from our profound know-how and that of our manufacturing partners. Together with our qualified project engineers and application technicians, they machine the tools to customer and project requirements. Our know-how in this area allows us to afford our customers savings in both time and cost. We thus succeed in manufacturing prototype and series tools in a very short period of time.

Solutions for every requirement

For our customers and their projects, we machine single and multiple tools, as well as one- and two-component tools which are up to 10 tonnes in weight. In order to improve efficiency, precision and compatibility in tool manufacturing, tool-making is performed to industry standards. For the optimum quality of the subsequent components, we use high-quality alloyed and non-alloyed tool steels, depending on the requirements.


We support all tool-making processes through quality assurance measures. These include design reviews supported by mould flow analysis, as well as 2D and 3D CAD software and the most modern measurement technology, such as computer tomography (CT).

Custom manufacturing

If desired, all tools are manufactured to customer specifications and current standards. If requested, our customers can thus acquire the tools at a later time as well.


In addition, for German OEMs without their own manufacturing services, we also manufacture tools for third-party industries, and provide them to the OEMs. Those who stand to benefit include companies in the automotive industry. The after-sales support for the tools is provided by our tool-making partners in the region.

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