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Increase your manufacturing efficiency by using ready-built and quality-tested assemblies. Developed and manufactured to your individual requirements, they contribute to the consistency of your products, because they increase the functionality and reliability of the overall system. At the same time, by using assemblies, we achieve significant cost savings for you.

More than 20 years of expertise

For more than 20 years we have been developing and manufacturing mechanical and mechatronic assemblies across various industries. Customer-specific requirements in terms of quality, safety and reliability are factored into re-engineering to the same extent as the functionality of the assemblies. Testing our designs by means of an assembly analysis, we ensure that the finished assemblies fulfil your requirements in every respect.

Improved functionality

In the implementation, production and/or transfer of your assemblies, our engineers ensure the optimum interaction of the individual components. If required, we are able to perform extensive functional and end-of-line tests, in order to verify the specified function. For this, we rely on the many years of experience we have gathered in developing and implementing test rigs for all types of application.

Increased cost effectiveness

Standardised assemblies shorten build times and thus reduce labour costs in manufacturing. They reduce the need for specially manufactured individual components, and thus significantly simplify the procurement process for you. In addition, assembly procurement can generally reduce inventory and capital tie-up to a significant degree.

Compliance with the highest quality criteria

All individual components installed are subject to strict quality controls as per the customer’s specific requirements, and we document compliance. We develop and implement product-specific test rigs, test equipment, test plans, series manufacturing, etc., and these fulfil even the most demanding industry requirements. In addition, all assemblies undergo special function tests, including reliability testing.

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Since August 2023, the three companies Global Sourcing Services AG, HD sourcing solutions GmbH, and novia Handels GmbH have been operating together under the common name: novia Group.