CNC machining

CNC machines are used to precisely turn, mill, drill, and grind workpieces. Thanks to computer control, the machines work with great precision and repeatability. This makes it possible to manufacture workpieces to tight tolerances and with great accuracy, exact fit and highest quality. By means of various tools and clamping devices, we are also able to machine complex shapes and geometries.

For machining simple components we have 3-axis machining centres at our disposal, but at our audited manufacturing partners 4 and 5-axis machining centres are also standard equipment, as are CNC milling machines for press-drawn sections. Our employees are fully trained to operate the machines precisely and to create appropriately high-quality components. In addition, all finished parts are subject to a strict quality inspection by our internal team.

Benefit from our expertise in CNC machining

  • 20+ years of experience in generating technological specifications and developing the manufacturing process
  • Design for manufacturing and feasibility study as part of tender preparation
  • During tender preparation, consideration of most economical further machining of components in subsequent manufacturing processes

Benefit from our expertise in CNC machining

  • Turning, milling and grinding in 3, 4 and 5-axis machining centre
  • CNC milling for press-drawn sections
  • Bar turning
  • Machining components before and after coating
  • Creation of prototypes and very small series
  • In addition to metals, titanium, ceramics, and plastic are machined
CNC machining
is a processing type in the category: "".
We can also offer you the following processing types in the “” category:
  • Flame cutting

  • Punching

  • Glass bead blasting

  • Barrel finishing

  • Honing

  • Lapping

  • Drilling

  • Milling

  • Turning

  • Grinding

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