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In terms of function, durability, and quality – our components fulfil the customer requirements as well as international standards such as ISO-9001 and ISO-13485. Our customers thus benefit from our cross-industry experience with more than 5,000 active components.

Functionalities at a glance

When we re-engineer your products, we pay attention to the components’ functionality and manufacturability from the very start. Complying with the relevant technical requirements, we develop a “design for manufacturing” and a feasibility analysis, in which we investigate the implementability and/or proposed optimisations. For this, against the background of cross-industry experience, we pay particular attention to the material: Does the material fulfil the mechanical and chemical characteristics which will ensure the required function and quality? How do the material and coating affect the components of the assembly?

Profound tool expertise

The tools required for manufacturing the components are developed, built, tested and maintained in close cooperation with our suppliers.

The basis for this is formed by the 3D and 2D drawings which we have created as part of the feasibility analysis, and in coordination with the customer. Thanks to more than 10 years of tool-making experience we thus produce prototypes as well as very small and large series of components which can be either used or finished directly after manufacture.

Further processing to your requirements

The manufactured components are further processed to your requirements. An extensive range of processes is available for this.

High-quality components, such as complex free-form surfaces of zinc parts, are conventionally ground to the correct profile before they are galvanised under strict environmental conditions. Other components undergo CNC machining or surface finishing.

Quality inspection from the outset

As a full service partner in the procurement of customised components for world-famous brands, quality is a critical success factor for us. We are certified to ISO 9001-2015, the world’s leading standard for quality management, and also to ISO-13485, and we pay strict attention to compliance with these standards.

From planning to logistics, we support all processes by means of quality assurance measures. For every product we develop and implement, where necessary, product-specific test rigs, test equipment, test plans, etc.

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