Low pressure casting

We use the low pressure casting process to manufacture components requiring moderate quantities and complex geometries together with thick walls. This is particularly suitable for complex, thick-walled geometries which would be too expensive to produce mechanically. Using appropriate heat treatments, the mechanical properties are simple to improve, and tensions in the part can be relieved. To achieve the required precision levels of the functional surface, final processing using CNC machines is simple to perform on low-pressure cast aluminium.

We provide low pressure casting to general tolerance standard EN 8062-3. The DCTG and GCTG levels are tested and offered on the basis of the feasibility analysis.

For this, the process starts by optimising the customer’s concepts and drawings on the basis of implementability and cost optimisation. Here, we also check whether the desired results can be achieved using other materials of at least equal quality, but at more favourable prices. The focus here includes the chemical and mechanical properties of the alternative materials, and for this we test heat treatments. Creation of the proposal also includes a feasibility analysis to ensure that the desired parts can indeed be manufactured using the low pressure casting process.

All concepts and drawings submitted are dealt with completely confidentially, anonymised, and prepared in such a way that only a very small number of employees can work out who the customer is. The suppliers also do not see who owns the drawing. This is how we protect your concepts from the outset.

For parts made from aluminium, magnesium, zinc or copper alloys to the current European, Chinese and American standards, the low pressure casting process is suitable for quantities as low as 500 parts/year. Because of the lower pressure when the molten alloy is injected, there is reduced wear of the tools, which we manufacture individually and which undergo our own quality tests. By maintaining a tool list, customers can thus access the tools again at a later time, and reuse them.

Quality processes are one of the deciding factors for low pressure casting. The novia Group places great value on fault-free processing and high product standards. Through the use of the latest technologies, such as x-ray or ultrasound testing of safety-critical locations, and the use of qualified specialists, we ensure the first-class quality of our low pressure cast parts.

Our quality assurance measures include strict testing procedures throughout the manufacturing process. To ensure that every single part fulfils the requirements and specifications, it is carefully tested for dimensional tolerances, surface characteristics and mechanical properties. The results of the quality testing are documented exactly and made available to the customer, together with further documents, such as the alloy evidence and the material test certificates.

In addition, we work closely together with our customers in order to understand their specific requirements and offer customised solutions. Our many years of experience and expertise enable us to supply high-quality products punctually and reliably.

Benefit from our low pressure casting expertise

  • “Everything from a single source”, thanks to our full service concept – customised from engineering to manufacture to our holistic procurement concept
  • Re-engineering and cost engineering experience gathered over more than 20 years
  • 100% in-house assembly and quality assurance, including development of test rigs, test equipment, test plans, etc.
  • Audited supplier network with first-class relationships throughout the world
  • Design for manufacturing and feasibility study as part of tender preparation

Our low pressure casting services

  • Processing of aluminium, stainless steel and zinc
  • Processing of alloys to current European, Chinese and American standards
  • Large selection of finishing options, such as surface treatment (polishing, coating, e.g. lacquering, powder coating, anodising, chroming) or CNC machining to achieve specific shapes, depressions or precision tolerances
Low pressure casting
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