MIG/MAG welding

We are experts when it comes to welding. Because of our expertise and experience we offer very different processes, such as TIG/MIG/MAG welding, laser welding, resistance welding, ultrasound welding, as well as hard and soft soldering.

We subject your project to a feasibility analysis, check the first drafts of the welding mould, propose our attainable general welding tolerances as per ISO 13920, and define all relevant process steps, from the concept to the delivery. When welding stainless steel, we pay particular attention to the necessary weld pickling, in which we additionally clean the surface after the welding process, thereby recreating the original corrosion resistance. In addition to stainless steel, we also process steel, aluminium, etc. in their various common alloys.

For large quantities we use robots for the automated welding of your parts. We thus achieve high productivity while maintaining consistent quality, and we also reduce the manual workload. After welding or pickling, all components undergo a quality inspection against previously defined standards.

Benefit from our welding expertise

  • “Everything from a single source”, thanks to our full service concept – customised from engineering to manufacture to our holistic procurement concept
  • Re-engineering and cost engineering experience gathered over more than 20 years
  • Audited supplier network with first-class relationships throughout the world
  • Design for manufacturing and feasibility study as part of tender preparation
  • Non-destructive weld inspections
  • Certified welding suppliers

Our welding services

  • Extensive portfolio of processes, such as TIG/MIG/MAG welding, laser welding, resistance welding, resistance welding of welding studs, ultrasound welding, and hard and soft soldering
  • Automated welding/robot welding for large quantities
  • Large and very small series
  • Processing of aluminium, steel and stainless steel in various alloys
  • Non-destructive weld inspections
  • Certified welding suppliers
MIG/MAG welding
is a processing type in the category: "".
We can also offer you the following processing types in the “” category:
  • Shrinking-on

  • Pressing

  • Bolting

  • Riveting

  • Glueing

  • Hard soldering

  • Laser welding

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