Sheet metal processing

We use various sheet metal shaping processes for companies in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical industry, aeronautics and many other sectors. Here, the portfolio includes punching and stamp-bending, bending, embossing, flame cutting and laser cutting.

We use these methods to create components made of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. They are all subject to very strict quality requirements, which we verify throughout the process.

Before machining sheet metal, we check your concepts and drawings in terms of implementability and cost effectiveness. We create concrete proposals for cost reductions and perform a feasibility analysis for these proposals. Divergent details for manufacturing are recorded in 3D and 2D drawings. These form the basis for the true-to-detail manufacture of the tools for shaping.

Thanks to automated processes and off-tool parts, we therefore work extremely efficiently and precisely. The finished parts are subject to a strict quality inspection by our internal quality team. For this, product-specific test equipment, test plans, etc. are developed in advance of manufacturing.

Benefit from our expertise in machining sheet metal

  • 20+ years of experience in generating technical specifications and development of the manufacturing process
  • Design for manufacturing and feasibility study as part of tender preparation
  • During tender preparation, consideration of most economical further processing of components in subsequent manufacturing processes
  • Cost reduction through proposal of locally available alternative materials
  • Project meetings in German and English

Our sheet metal services

  • Extensive machining processes, such as punching, fine stamping and stamp-bending, bending, embossing, flame cutting and laser cutting
  • Cost-efficient further processing, such as galvanising (zincing, nickelling, chroming)
  • Additional engineering services to support feasibility and cost reduction
  • Open calculation, with separately listed tool costs
Sheet metal processing
is a processing type in the category: "".
We can also offer you the following processing types in the “” category:
  • Metal spinning

  • Bending

  • Cold drawing

  • Extrusion

  • Deep drawing

  • Drop forging (aluminium and steel)

  • Pressure casting

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